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Lilac Frog Rooms

Tadpoles - Babies 0-15mnths

A sunny room brightly coloured and filled with exciting things for your baby to explore in a safe environment

Baby Bugs (15mnth-2yrs)

Baby Bugs is a wonderful space for toddlers to develop and grow. Filled with activities and equipment to excite their imagination.

Cute Cubs 2-3yrs

Our Cute Cubs are located on the first floor in a lovely sunny room with lots of light and colour. Our Cubs have access to all developmental, craft and formal learning materials with a wide range of challenging activities to help them prepare for school.

Mini Monkeys (3-5yrs)

Mini Monkeys are a small group of our older 3yr olds located on the 1st floor in a bright sunny room with lots of colour. Mini Monkeys are preparing to make the transition into our pre-school unit and participate in a wide variety of activities and I.T to support the final stage of their Journey through Nursery.

Fizzy Frogs 3-5yrs

Fizzy Frogs are located in our wonderful new (2015) bespoke pre-school unit located in the rear garden. Fizzy Frogs benefit from a wide range of fun educational activities to support their continued development and ease their transition into School. Fizzy Frogs have a nursery uniform complete with Frog Logo, and enjoy a caring and supportive environment under the supervision of our Qualified Staff.



The Snug Bug is our chill out Zone where everyone can spend some quiet time. Soft lighting, pastel colours and blinds, make this the ideal space for relaxing with a book, or for those Bugs and Cubs who have an afternoon nap itís the perfect place to snuggle down after lunch.